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WooCommerce Plugin:

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to vend anything, beautifully. Erected to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce result that gives both store possessors and inventors complete control.
With endless inflexibility and access to hundreds of free and ultraexpensive WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30 of all online stores — further than any other platform.
WooCommerce is erected upon WordPress, the software that runs 26 of the web. That means your store will be presto, dependable and secure from the launch. Plus, there are no limits to the number of products or guests you can have — so scale as big as you want.
Start small and grow as big as you want. With WooCommerce, you can produce any type of store you want. Choose any theme or use the Storefront theme designed by WooCommerce Core inventors it’s free and optimized for WooCommerce out of the box.
Customize your storefront with Storefront Extensions — or make commodity fully custom-made with Storefront Blocks ( preliminarily WooBlocks)

how to vend with WooCommerce plugin and features:

WooCommerce is one of the stylish plugins for dealing digital and physical products online. It’s flexible, has a large community of inventors, and comes with tons of extensions.
It’s not for everyone however. It can be delicate to learn and use, it does n’t include marketing tools, and it does n’t come with support for$ 0 per month.
WooCommerce does have some veritably seductive features that make it a popular choice for ecommerce spots
Product Types You can vend digital or physical products, subscriptions, services or indeed enrollments.

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Payment Options:

Payment Options Accept PayPal or credit cards using WooCommerce payments. Or you can use other payment gateways like Stripe with the free plugin WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway.
Shipping Options Calculate shipping costs automatically grounded on weight and confines or set your own flat rates. Shipping costs can also be calculated grounded on distance from your store to the client’s position using an API.

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What’s the difference between free and paid WooCommerce plugin?

The primary difference is that the free interpretation doesn’t come with devoted support.
That said, the good news is that our free plugin comes with a lot of features and functionality. Its proud of the quality of its free plugin, and developer seen some inconceivable stores erected on it. Some of these stores have failed, but numerous have succeeded, and they’re doing millions in profit.
So while you don’t get devoted support when you use the free interpretation, if you need help or have questions, Woocommerce still have an active and helpful community forum where you can ask your questions and get answers from both other druggies and WooCommerce staff members.
Still, if you want devoted support — and updates to the core plugin as well as extensions — you can upgrade to one of paid plans and admit dispatch support. Its WooExperts also give development services for customization and installation help.